Case Studies with Rapid, Visible Results

What Makes Us Unique?

Owner, Brian Tuckey PT,OCS, JSCCI, is the originator of Fascial Counterstrain, a technique currently taught to a rapidly expanding group of medical practitioners internationally. This proprietary form of soft tissue manipulation has the ability to reduce swelling, restore normal blood flow and calm inflamed nerves by normalizing spinal cord reflexes. Thus, our therapists can identify and correct the underlying cause of your condition and not just treat the surface symptoms.

About Fascial Counterstrain

“Strain and Counterstrain” was originally developed by an osteopathic physician, Lawrence Jones DO, over a 40 year period starting in 1955. This revolutionary manipulation technique, the precursor to the modern, Fascial Counterstrain, is an effective treatment for a myriad of medical diagnoses (see Conditions Treated).

This gentle technique, which patients frequently describe as “fascinating” and “magic” is completely painless and often curative, making it the ideal choice for even the most difficult and sensitive cases. (Learn more about how Counterstrain works.)

What Patients Are Saying

“Tuckey and Associates changed my life. Since I was in High School up until I was 25 years old I suffered from chronic hip pain, which was due to a soccer injury and due to one leg being slightly longer than the other. During my first visit/Evaluation ... Read more.