Patient Testimonials


  1. Cindy W. says

    “I wanted to say thank you so much for your gifted hands! I started the long , slow taper off the opioids I had been on for 6 1/2 years. As of yesterday, I am two months free of not just opioids, but all other meds I was on. After being told by many doctors, including as neurosurgeon that pain was now going to be my life, I am amazed at how wrong they were. I have some pain but it is manageable withoput drugs. I am hoping to slowly gain strength from here on and hopefully reverse some of the deconditioning my body has been subjected to.
    Thank You Brian. I am your biggest advocate, telling all my friends as they notice the great change I have undergone. One is already a patient of yours.”

  2. Bettina Bailem says

    After the removal of my gall bladder, I experienced continuous pain in my upper right back, just below the shoulder. The pain began radiating over my whole back and kept me from sleeping at night. I received a referral for physical therapy. After 120 some hours of “normal” physical therapy – and having built up muscles like a 20-year-old in her prime – I still had the same problem. I was desperate by then. They sent me to a pain specialist who told me that I would be in pain for the rest of my life – this at the age of 52. He recommended implanting a “pain pump”. Basically this means that your body constantly gets pain medication. My physical therapist, at the time, took me aside and told me that although she could not help me that she knew someone who could – if I wouldn’t mind the drive. I live in Waldorf in Charles County. She told me about Tuckey Associates and Brian. I changed my referral to him and saw him a total of 16 times for this and several other problems he took care off at the same time. Without me moving a muscle. The pain is gone. Completely. What else is there to say?

  3. says

    I had been having severe and debilitating pain in both hips, down my thighs, both knees, and the back of my calves for four months. I finally went to my internist and he suspected I had spinal stenosis and ordered an MRI of my spine. Unfortunately, the insurance company denied the MRI and instead wanted me to first try physical therapy, home exercises, anti-inflammatory medication, and injections into my spine. To me, getting injections into my spine before knowing what the problem is would be like getting chemo therapy before knowing I had cancer. After discussing the insurance company’s denial for the MRI, my internist referred me to Brian Tuckey for physical therapy. I have to admit, it took me an additional two months before I finally made the call for an appointment, but the pain became so unbearable that I knew I had to do something. The anti-inflammatory and pain medication was not providing any relief. My luck started when there was a cancellation and I was able to get in to see Brian for my initial visit within a week of my call.

    I had physical therapy for a broken arm many years ago and was expecting a similar experience. I was totally amazed though when my exam started by Brian gently touching points on my head and even more amazed that he knew exactly where I was having pain just from what he was feeling on my head. During that visit I immediately felt relief in my thighs and knees and left his office with more mobility than I had in months. It has been thirteen sessions since my first visit, and I am thrilled to report that I have been pain free and moving freely for over a week. I am even more happy to report that I can again sleep on my sides instead of only being able to lay on my back. I feel at least ten years younger! This past weekend, I even went to the grocery store and did not seek out a shopping cart just to help me walk through the store! It is as though Brian and his associate, Manny, have the gift of healing right in their finger tips. I cannot stop telling others about my experience because to me, it is as though I have experienced a miracle. My only regret is that I waited to make the call when my internist told me to make an appointment because I could have felt like I do now two months earlier!

    The extra bonus in Brian and Manny’s expert technique is that they truly want to know how you are feeling and so very easy to talk to. They also offer helpful tips for you to practice through the week to help you improve your condition. Manny even discovered and corrected some issues I was having in other parts of my body without me even telling him I was having problems in other areas. One thing I know for sure is that even after my insurance will no longer cover my visits, I will still come back for a monthly or bi-monthly appointment to have the areas of my body needing treatment — including areas that I am not even aware of — addressed and treated. I would much rather get the lasting treatments I get from Manny or Brian versus going for a massage elsewhere. I have complete trust and confidence in Manny and Brian and know that every point of my body they touch is for my ultimate health. Do yourself a favor — don’t be like me and delay making the call. Call today for your appointment. Stop living in pain and start getting your life back! You’ll be so glad you did and you too will be telling everyone you know! I personally am and will be forever grateful to them for giving me my life back.

    Best of health — with no pain,

    Kathy D.

  4. Barb B. says

    After a most unpleasant experience with a typical P.T., I was able to track down Karen, the therapist I formerly used after a total knee replacement. This was due to injury to the medial collateral ligament following a revision surgery to the same knee, causing not only pain but also imbalance when I walked. After the first 2 treatments, I could not believe it! I had no pain in my knee at all, and was able to get out of a chair with much less difficulty. I still have 3 treatments ahead and I cannot imagine how I will be by that time …. I am sure getting out of a chair will not be any problem at all.
    I cannot say enough about Brian Tuckey, and his newest P.T., Karen. They are fantastic as I am sure all the other P.T.’s working for Mr. Tuckey are. Unlike typical P.T. offices, this is a very peaceful environment, quiet, and very pleasant.
    In the future, I will only go to them for any type of P.T.

  5. Jan D. says

    Strain-Counterstrain therapy is an effective modality to chronic pain. It gave me my life back. Originally diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in 2007, I tried several modalities for a cure. These modalities included three plantar fasciotomy surgeries, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, custom orthodics, MRI, ultrasounds, x-rays, chronic pain management program, and various forms of physical therapy.

    The Strain-Counterstrain technique releases out inflammation in lymphatic, venous, arterial, and neurological tissues. I had positive results with two prior Counterstrain therapists. I was referred to Brian Tuckey for my chronic pain condition. I was hesitant after being told by medical staff for years that they could fix me. Chronic pain can make you feel vulnerable, confused, and lose confidence. Brian created an atmosphere of mutual respect. He believed that I wasn’t imagining the pain and told me to come for treatments “until I felt better”.

    Brian has released several trigger points for me. He has developed techniques specific to my condition. He thinks outside the box and works with me to find the correct treatment. He records his findings and new techniques. He presents his techniques through hands-on training to other Counterstrain therapists throughout the world.

    The office of Tuckey & Associates are friendly and available. The billing, appointments, and insurance are handled efficiently. So, I only needed to focus on getting better. I’ve recommended the Tuckey & Associates therapists to my friends. Brian and I work together to diagnose the cause of my pain. I’ll continue to use their practice for managing my pain. My only regret is that I didn’t find this therapy sooner.

    If you know anyone pursuing a career in physical therapy please ask them to consider practicing Strain-Counterstrain. So many people can benefit from this treatment.

  6. Anita G. says

    I am THRILLED to have found Tuckey and Associates. My boyfriend (he does tons of bicycling) used them a couple years ago for an issue, and he got wonderful results after 6 sessions. I started used Tuckey and Associates for several problems I was having starting in November 2012. I had lost some range-in-motion on the right side of my neck. They totally fixed my neck strain, with less than 6 treatments. I am continuing to go now for other aches and pains. We haven’t totally fixed one of my issues, but I know how committed they are to letting me know if they can help, or if I might need other care. I have used many Eastern approaches to healing over a 30 year period (acupuncture, reikki, energy healing, massage, cranio-sacral, meditation, etc). I know Brian’s approach is based in physiology, but I have experienced healing on an “energetic” level (as well as the physical level). It’s truly amazing what happens during my sessions. I experience a deep sense of relaxation, AND they actually “fix” the problem. Wow! Tricia has been my therapist, and has been wonderful to me. Brian, of course, also does great work. I have used Chris too, but only once. Their receptionist (also Tricia) has been very pleasant to deal with. Thank you to everyone at Tuckey and Associates !!

  7. Isabelle says

    Tuckey and Associates changed my life. Since I was in High School up until I was 25 years old I suffered from chronic hip pain, which was due to a soccer injury and due to one leg being slightly longer than the other. During my first visit/Evaluation with Brian Tuckey I felt reassured and in good hands. The technique he uses: Strain and Counterstrain, made perfect sense to me and I was willing to give it a try, after all I had tried everything from acupuncture to seeing a chiropractor. Nothing had helped, even doing physical therapy made my pain worse, so bad in fact that I dreaded going up stairs. After my first few sessions with Brian Tuckey I began to feel a difference in my pain level, it quickly lessened. 2 months after seeing Brian I could go upstairs with no pain. Years later I still have no pain in my hip.
    Brian Tuckey is truly a miracle worker and does have “magic hands”, he and his associates are so nice and welcoming, they explain everything that they are doing and how your body is working. I would recommend him to anyone that is experiencing physical pain. Go for an Evaluation, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  8. Sheila Nichols says

    I cannot say enough good things about the work that Chris Butler does. When I was first diagnosed with a bulging disc and fibromyalgia in 2003, I was in such extraordinary pain. I had tried physical therapy to no avail, but it wasn’t until my dancing friend recommend Chris Butler at Tuckey and Associates that I finally found some relief. He “worked his magic” and I was able to relieve through myofascial technique much of my pain. I cannot thank him enough for all the work he did with me. I enjoyed going to physical therapy because of his work, “bedside” manner, and such a nice guy! Although I have not been back there for several years, I recommend him to anyone who starts talking about physical therapy issues – from my co-workers, to friends, and recently to Homewood at Crumland Farm residents where my husband works. He is the best! Thank you, Chris, from the bottom of my heart! By the way, I do hope to be back there again one of these days, but the good news is that my pain issues are managable thanks to him! I will NEVER forget Chris, Brian, and Tuckey & Associates. Truly a “life changing” experience!
    I happened to stumble across your website since I was referring you again and could not let the day go by without writing a testimonial. Sheila

  9. Liz says

    Brian Tuckey is the most amazing man; I call him Miracle Hands! I had been in serve pain for 6 months prior to seeing Brian. I had been to 8 different doctors including 2 chiropractors, a physical therapist, a massage therapist, 2 orthopedic physicians and a pain management doctor. I had 70 doctor’s appointment throughout the 6 months trying to figure out what was wrong with me and to just get temporary pain relief. No traditional doctor could find anything wrong. After the first session with Brian I received an immense amount of pain relief. I walked out of his office so emotional and happy because I just knew that this man knew what he was doing. His sense and knowledge of the human body and how everything works together is truly amazing. Now after just 10 visits with Brian I’m a happy, smiling, active and pain free 28 year old woman. Thank you to Brian Tuckey and the entire staff; what you do every day truly makes a difference in every person that you touch!

  10. Cindy S. says

    I have Cervical Dystonia (movement disorder). I can’t move my head very far to the right. But after my first appointment with Brian, I was able to rotate my head so far to the right that I could look over my right shoulder (I was in my car when I proved this point). I am totally behind what Brian does – his hands on techniques are right on and are phenomenal. I classify myself as a very difficult case for any PT, but now I am very hopeful and confident that I can have more of a normal life with much less pain – pulled and strained muscles. THANK YOU Brian Tuckey and Associates for changing my outlook, my life, and my future. This is what Physical Therapy should be. No one should have to suffer, put up with, accept or live with their pain. Brian and his staff will change your life as he did mine.

  11. dmp says

    I have also had the pleasure of working with Tuckey & Assoc for several years now. My daughter and I both go to Brian for relief of the pain we experience with Lyme Disease. He was instrumental in getting my daughter well enough that she could attend her prom. Brian has also helped me avoid a second back surgery with his techniques. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Brian and his staff. They keep you very informed of the techniques they are using and has taught me a few, so that I can do them at home.

  12. Yumi says

    I have had the pleasure of dealing with Brian Tuckey since 2003 ( when he was with a different company) I followed him to his new practice – you can NOT find a better qualified Physical therapist. I had been to several therapists prior to meeting Brian & found that their techniques were ones i could easily do at home – I have a heating pad – thanks… Brian’s techniques surpasses any therapy I have received in the past. He was instrumental in my tough recuperation from two cervical surgeries ( I actually reached out to him for support & advice before my second surgery!!!!) I stiil see Brian for ” maintenance” and most recently for a back injury. I had a recent FCE done by Physiotherapy Associates ( insurance recommended) what a difference in the professionalism , compassion and KNOWLEDGE- they were absolutely DREADFUL!!!! Brian & his whole team have a compassion for what they do and for their clients. I suffer from a multitude of problems , but yet i find them all to be supportive and instrumental in my recovery and well being. You could not ask for more… I would ( and have) recommend his practice to anyone who needs quality care.

  13. msil says

    Brian has been treating daughters jennifer and elizabeth for several years for back issues complicated by Lyme disease. Every time they go in they come out feeling better… his work is a necessity to keep them moving. Brian is compassionate, gentle, and personal without being invasive or inappropriate. He’s incredibly skilled and wonderfully understanding.

  14. Mox says

    Brian and his staff have a wonderful, credible reputation. I’ve been to 2 PTs for strain and counterstrain therapy and will continue. It is so worth the drive from Hagerstown. I would travel further if need be. I’m psyched to go there and psyched when I leave, feeling so good from the therapy. I was totally amazed at this technique. Who would ever think something so gentle and relaxing could be so beneficial and sudden! I am so grateful to have them as my PTs with such knowledge of the body.

  15. fhaqer says

    I drove 50 miles to see him yesterday after visiting a a popular specialist who was totally condescending and dismissive. It was so worth the drive. He was patient, kind, intelligent, and explained everything he was thinking and yes- his hands really are like magic. It’s incredible to see what a few simple movements can do! I was so amazed I talked my poor husband’s head off about how fascinating Tuckey’s work was and how nice it feels to be working with a competent and kind person in the medical field.

  16. Tim Brady says

    Tuckey and Associates incorporate a rather amazing new technique called Strain and Counterstrain into their therapies. In fact, Brian Tuckey helped develop the techniques and is one of only four PT’s certified to teach this method in the US. It is a very light touch treatment that is unusual in that it affects not only muscle tightness, but also the supportive network of connective tissue generally unaltered by traditional pt or massage. Results can be amazing. Highly recommended!!

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