Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I never heard of this technique before?
Fascial Counterstrain (FCS) is a relatively new technique in the field of manual medicine. Mr. Tuckey started developing the technique in 1997 and did not start teaching the technique until 2004.  The power and scope of FCS progresses daily.

Once a tissue has been released, is the effect permanent?
Yes, in general, individual treatment results are lasting.  Most conditions, however, are due to dozens, even hundreds of individual dysfunctions thus multiple treatment sessions are frequently required to reach maximum benefit.

How many treatments are generally needed to experience relief? 
Most patients will experience significant relief within 1-4 sessions and be discharged to a home program within 10 sessions. If no change is noticed within the first 6 sessions, we typically advise that you contact your doctor for further evaluation.

Are all the therapists at Tuckey and Associates trained in this technique? 
Yes. All staff members are trained in Fascial Counterstrain techniques and utilize exercise prescription and ergonomic / dietary instruction to maximize outcomes.

Are Fascial Counterstrain treatments painful? 
No, FCS is a painless technique with few if any contraindications. It is tolerated by virtually all patients including infants, the elderly and those in extreme pain.

What can I expect on the first visit?
For your first visit, downloading and filling out the relevant forms will speed up your intake. On your first visit, please wear comfortable clothing such as sweat pants or a T-shirt and avoid thick, rigid clothing like jeans.

Your attending therapist will perform a detailed assessment which may include: mobility testing, strength testing, neurological tests, spinal motion testing, palpation for neuromuscular tender points and similar tests. Following the exam, you will receive your first treatment. This will consist of FCS techniques to correct the restrictions we’ve identified in your body, in addition to ergonomic instruction and instruction in home exercise.  The initial visit typically takes 1 hour and follow-up visits typically last between 30 minutes and 1 hour (depending on diagnosis).

You may print and fill out the forms before your visit. Alternatively, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to fill out the necessary paperwork. You will need your insurance card, a photo ID and a referral and/or prescription from your physician (as required by your insurance carrier).

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